CS1800 On Line Homework System: Registration

Welcome to the CS1800 On Line Homework System

The use of this On Line Homework System is restricted to students registered in CS1800.

To use this registration form, we require that you have an address on an NEU or CCIS machine. If you do not have an NEU or CCIS e-mail address but are registered for this subject, send e-mail to the course staff (click on e-mail link at the bottom of the page) with the information we request below.

Please enter the requested information in the spaces below.

  • The User Name will be the id that you will use to login to the On Line Homework System; it should be at least three characters long and contain no spaces. It is case sensitive. For most people this should be the login name you regularly use on NEU or CCIS machines.
  • The E-mail address should be a fully specified E-mail address, for example, foo@neu.edu

When you register we will e-mail you a randomly generated password to the e-mail address you give us. When you first log in, you should change your password to something that you can more easily remember.

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